Thursday, July 7, 2016

Currently Where I'm At

So like I mentioned in the last post, A LOT has changed in the 5.5-6 years since I last blogged consistently. I made a big move to SoCal and in that time moved again to a different county outside of LA county and got married in 2013. Financially I was striving for independence prior to my move but with grad school, working, and life in general I feel like I lost track of that. I wanted something to help track my progress again and help me get back on the road to financial fitness not only for myself but also for my family. Right now as far as my career I am working full time. I am also studying for a board exam that when I (hopefully) pass will increase my income and work opportunities significantly. I'll get into the details of my debt, and current net worth soon but for now I'll start with just some basic savings goals I have for the year. I'll also be reworking and modifying a budget I can follow. All of this is a learning process but I'm excited to dive back in! Any tips, tricks or just anything new with all of you?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Possible comeback?

So.. six years have passed (almost). I'm not sure what happened besides A LOT. I moved for grad school, worked a lot, changed my mind on school things a lot, got engaged, married, moved to another county, finally finished my last components for school and now I'm here. I'm not sure if anyone even reads this anymore but I really did enjoy this outlet and exchanging thoughts and ideas with this personal finance community. A lot of things and financial mistakes occurred in the last six years with school, moving, and marriage but I think it's time to make the comeback. A comeback to financial freedom (again) that not only benefits me but my family as well. So here it goes! I logged into my email and cleared my inbox of all my junk. I hope all is well out there, and I'm looking forward to writing again!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm still alive!

..just in case you guys were wondering! :D School has taken up the majority of any free time I have. I'm only working part time but I do want to increase my hours soon for money and insurance eligibility.

Life for me is busy, busy, BUSY! I'm not complaining though.. and life in SoCal is better than I could have imagined. Any fun Halloween plans? For me it's just doing homework, studying, and watching the World Series. GO GIANTS!

I hope you guys are all doing well, and I promise to make a little better effort to blog more soon!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend everyone! I've been super busy with work and school stuff but it's a good thing. Work in itself has been feeling like school since I'm still in training and have a lot of extra reading/homework to do outside of work! I'm pretty happy with my job so far. This weekend, I want to get caught up on reading for school and work, tidy up my room and try my first crock pot recipe! Have a great one everyone!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Southwest Airlines Can Suck It

Some of you may have seen my tweets yesterday about my flight booking confusion. On Sunday I booked a flight to go home for the weekend. Yesterday, I was searching my mailbox for the confirmation and couldn't find anything. I then logged into my Southwest account and there were no upcoming itineraries. I paid by paypal, and had a ton of paypal receipts from itunes and other things in my inbox so I didn't really look through them. I assumed that because I was doing a few different things at the time (transferring funds and booking) that I probably didn't hit submit on the flight and actually didn't book it. I was frustrated and bummed because the original flight I was booking was $207 and now the same flight is $313 and even more on other airlines! Since I already planned on going home and won't be able to go home until possibly October, I went ahead and rebooked the flight using paypal again. This time once I booked it, I checked my paypal account and saw that I had the new pending transaction for $313 AND the old one for $207! I still only had one ticket. So I called Southwest and explained the situation and tried to see what happened and if there was any way to get my ticket at the original price and this is pretty much the useless conversation I had with the customer service rep after explaining what happened:

Southwest: If it's showing as pending, we haven't taken the money out of your account. It hasn't come out if it doesn't say authorized.
Me: So why do I have two pending transactions and only one ticket?
Southwest: It says pending, that means the money hasn't been taken out of your account.
Me: So why didn't my original transaction go through?
Southwest: I don't know.. I would need to see what your screen looked like when you did it. If you didn't get a confirmation it means there was an error and you should have checked for the email.
Me: Ok... you guys ran my paypal account, so when is it going to come off pending?
Southwest: I'm not trying to argue with you, but we haven't taken the money out and cannot change the price of your ticket.
Me: So when will the pending transaction be dropped?
Southwest: I don't know. You need to call paypal.

UGH! WTF! So basically he just told me it's my fault, he doesn't know why it didn't go through and I need to contact paypal. You can imagine my anger when I called paypal and they asked me if I had spoken to Southwest already! Paypal said they were going to do a manual void on the first transaction but as of right now it's still sitting pending in my account!

I do agree that part of this was my fault with not checking my paypal account first, but since I didn't have an itinerary on my account I assumed I messed up and never tried finished booking it in the first place. It's frustrating to deal with a company that you spend your hard earned cash with that has horrible customer service. I have a free flight coming up after this flight and if I can I'm going to try to use other airlines for my flights in the future.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Going to Work!

Today is my first day of work at my new job! I'm super excited, I've been pretty bored all week long and it'll be good to interact with other humans again haha. Other than the fact of being bored, I'm getting paid a super low training rate but the sooner I can get it over the better. They think since I have so much experience I'll be able to finish it a lot quicker than most, so lets hope it works out!

I have a 2.5 hour gap today. I probably won't go home, but we'll see. I'm bringing my thank you cards that I still haven't finished with me so I can work on those. I'm also packing a lunch. I can't believe I'm actually excited about going to work! We'll see if this continues on Mondays in the future :)